Repress Yourself

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars in therapy? Fed up with prescription pill addictions and office furniture couch-sores? Has your psychologist stopped seeing you since you made a pass at him? Or maybe you're an amateur analyst and are looking for a chance to gain experience as an advice columnist. Bloggers: substitute these posts for therapy sessions and readers: comment away.

26 January 2006


One time in 5th grade, this kid called me "dork" over and over again for about a half hour until I cried.

About a year after high-school, that same guy came into the video-store I worked at and told me how awesome Lord of Illusions was.

24 January 2006

We'll Take the Physical Challenge

When I was about 11 or 12, I waited in line for six hours at a mall to audition for Double Dare. The first phase was a one-on-one interview with a producer. I wanted so hard to be cute and clever, but I got nervous and totally blew it. I was just annoying and naturally didn't get picked to go to the second stage of the audition.

Here's the thing: I'm 28 and I still think back to that day and come up with ways that I could've nailed the interview.