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13 June 2007

Not Exactly Wonder Years

I'm in a mood. So I have been procrastinating work in favor of wandering around the internet. I read Cory Kennedy's blog today for like the 2nd time ever. If you ever feel like you totally partied in high school, and you're not Cory Kennedy, then you're wrong. Read her blog, and then read your old high school journal, and see how they compare. Here's Cory's typical week:

thursday i did some nylon tv stuff, and ate dinner with michael and ana... on friday i went to go see morrissey @ the hollywood bowl with my most favorite person andy neuhuse. i had the greatest time ive had in months. i really did... most amazing seats, most amazing company, and most amazing music... all happening at the same time... later today im gonna head over to the fader mag party. probably with jenny. tomorrow is the a.p.c. store opening in l.a. this saturday at the hollywood forever cemetery is rebel without a cause. so that should be rad...

I didn't have a blog when I was 16, because back then, the internet was just a gleam in Al Gore's eye. But if I DID have a blog, a typical post may have read something like this:

sat - went to tom thumb and walmart with mom, shes like "noooooo you can't get Finesse conditioner, its too expensive!!!" so i settled for the suave. on sun, me and carol watched Dream a Little Dream and ate homemade french fries. Mon, late for geo. so I faked cramps. my econ paper is due tomorrow and I don't have the bibliography yet... guess I'll miss "A Different World" - unless Dad can figure out how to work the VCR...

Not ONE reference to a concert, fashion show, night club, or media-sponsored event attended.

I'm not saying I didn't go to parties or concerts when I was 17. I did, if by "parties" you mean "hanging out at the beach 10 blocks from my house drinking wine coolers with the kids from my school until curfew" and if by "concerts" you mean "concert." Certainly nothing that required being on a list, or knowing a magazine publisher or fashion photographer.

I'm really not jealous of the Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of the world. But I might like to have Cory Kennedy's VIP pass and a time machine.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger SnommElf said...

uhm -- i was one of the first 24 people to ride the roaring rapids at six flags.

i failed to write that down.

until now.

who's cory kennedy?


At 7:03 PM, Blogger nerver said...

i spent most of my spare time at school (total geek, loved it)...or hanging out with my boyfriend and his friends who--and i believe this to be relevant--all decided this one week that they were vampires. mmmm, hmmm.
oh, and i'd listen to Toad the Wet Sprocket and read a lot. that was awesome. i also watched Bill Cosby Himself, Ferris Bueller and Clue about 100 times each and decided I'd be the next cast member of Exit 57 and the State (rip) and the youngest female editor of a magazine a la Jane Pratt.
neither of those happened as both shows were canceled and Jane sold, Cory Kennedy beat me when she started publishing at age 4. damn you, Cory!!


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