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18 January 2007

What Is Happening?

Today the people in my section of the office were talking about this smell. It smelled like orange and we were all wondering what it could be.

Me: Smells like baby aspirin.
Coworker1: Yeah, or like medicinal toothpaste. It's kind of orange-y.
Me: Maybe someone has a fruit scented candle at their desk?
Coworker2: Or sprayed some air freshener or something.

It was an orange.

It never occured to us that the "orange scent" we were smelling would come from an actual orange.

It was so great, too. cause one girl goes, "Well, Katie has an orange on her desk. Think that could be it?" like she still wasn't sure. We're all trying to figure out the smell and the whole time she's looking at the orange on Katie's desk.


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