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08 December 2005

My First Entry

I'm going to tell you people something about what's it's like to live in this city. To do so, I will use the underrated form of stage known as the One-Act Play. I proudly present:

"Underground Blues"
A play in one-act
By Geoff Wolinetz

Curtain rises. We see GEOFF, a jaunty, affable, strapping young man of 29, sitting in a subway car. He's listening to an iPod and reading the New York Daily News, a newspaper. Sitting opposite him is DISGUSTING WOMAN. She's a professional lady dressed for an office job that apparently doesn't afford her time to take care of her minor grooming habits at home. She has a nail clipper in one hand and is working assiduously on the nails of the other hand.

As she clips away, a renegade nail escapes the clipper and flies across the car into GEOFF's lap. He looks down into his lap for a few seconds, before realizing what has occurred. GEOFF picks the nail up off of his lap and gags.

He glances up at DISGUSTING WOMAN, who continues to cut her nails.


I believe this is yours (throws nail at DISGUSTING WOMAN, hitting her in the forehead)

GEOFF continues to read the paper



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