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01 April 2005

Party Down!

This morning in the shower I couldn't stop obsessing about the song "We're an American Band." I kept wondering about the lyrics. Does it go "We like to party down/We're coming to your town," or is it "We're coming to your town/We like to party down"?

Because if it's "We're coming to your town/We like to party down," that's like an invitation. They're saying, "We're coming to town, so you know, hook us up! Come party with us! We love to party."

But if it's "We like to party down/We're coming to your town," that's more of a warning, right? It's like, "Hey, we totally party wherever we go, and we're coming over, so watch out."

Lather, rinse, analyze idiotic song, repeat.


At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Casey said...

ha ha ha - I'm gonna post a temporary (post link) link to this - brilliant.

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous mr. tabby said...

why isn't this website the most famous website in the world. i fucking hate the world.


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