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23 March 2005

Let's Get This Party Started!

So I noticed yesterday this habit I have developed over time which is infuriating in it's ridiculousness. I have this weird obsessive need for details about fictional people and their conversations.

For example: Say you're watching "SitCom X" on television. Character A says to Character B: "I know, I have to tell my girlfriend - she's going to freak out!" (It doesn't really matter what they are talking about - just imagine some drama.) Then the scene is over. The next time you see these two characters you get:

Character B: "Did you tell your girlfriend?"
Character A: "Yes. She stopped talking to me!"

Or whatever... You understand the basic scenario, right? Happens all the time - actions and conversations happen off-screen, and often that information is left up to the imagination.

Except that my imagination is working overtime. When something like this happens, I find myself wondering "How did he break the news? Did he just come home and blurt it out? Did he sit her down and preface it with, 'I have something really important to tell you...'? Maybe he took her to a restaurant, maybe they talked about it in bed. Maybe he called her at work."

I start imagining each of these scenarios, putting myself in the shoes of either character, writing imaginary dialogue in my head, editing and re-writing when I don't like the way it's turning out.

Eventually I become self-conscious as I realize what I am doing. Then I begin this whole other internal dialogue about how crazy I am and that I should really let this all go, because what difference does it make?!! These aren't real people! There is no "right way" that conversation happened, because it never happened! Duh!

Nevertheless, within minutes I am back to the imaginary conversation, reworking the details and the dialogue and the outcome until it is most satisfactory to me. By this time, the show is over and I have tuned out to the rest of the episode - I don't even remember how it ended.

"Did you see Friends last night?"
Yeah. I can't believe that bastard had the nerve to call her at work.


At 5:51 AM, Anonymous rene said...

I'm crazy too.


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