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Tired of paying hundreds of dollars in therapy? Fed up with prescription pill addictions and office furniture couch-sores? Has your psychologist stopped seeing you since you made a pass at him? Or maybe you're an amateur analyst and are looking for a chance to gain experience as an advice columnist. Bloggers: substitute these posts for therapy sessions and readers: comment away.

29 March 2005

Get Me Out of Here!

Spring has sprung this week in Chicago and I went to the office and felt a nervous breakdown coming on: I needed to get the hell out of my four walls and get some fresh air. Then when I got outside I just wanted to go home again and smoke and be on the computer. This is not right. I think I'm just reluctant to face up to summer, that I can't hide beneath coats anymore and snuggle indoors.

Fortunately I'm going to the PAY doctor tomorrow so she can help me get back into the real world. I'll let you guys know if she has anything good to say. There is a chance that she might encourage me to give up refined sugar, though. THAT would require serious therapy.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger dog food sugar said...

Aw. Have a good day today.


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